3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology: Improving radiologist performance through Artificial Intelligence and SmartSlices

Brad Keller, Ph.D, Director, Clinical Research Breast Health, Hologic, Inc., Ashwini Kshirsagar, Ph.D, Chief Scientist, Clinical Solutions, Research and Development, Hologic, Inc. and Andrew Smith, Ph.D., Vice President, Image Research Breast Health, Hologic. Inc.  This whitepaper documents how Hologic’s product, 3DQuorum 6-mm slices known as SmartSlices can significantly reduce the number of slices and file sizes in a tomosynthesis dataset, while maintaining clinical performance compared to 1-mm datasets. The fewer number of total slices in the study allows a decrease in radiologist interpretation time, saving on average 1 hour per reader in an 8-hour day.